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  • Farm buildings by all causes of damage
  • Crop and livestock including heat prostration
  • Farm equipment by all causes.


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  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial losses of all sizes
  • All causes including fire, collapse, wind, water, vehicle impact etc.
  • Large/Complex/Fraudulent or Suspicious Losses
  • Act an appraiser in the Property Appraisal Process per Section 128 of The Insurance Act


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  • Public and Private Marina operations
  • Pleasure craft sinking, theft, fire, collisions, navigational claims
slideset casualty i


  • All general liability claims - Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • Residential, Commercial, Retail, Industrial
  • Automobile Bodily Injury investigations
  • Automobile impaired driving, excluded uses, fatality/serious injury, theft
  • Transportation including cargo
slideset environmental i


  • Oil/Gasoline/Winery/Chemical Spills, escapes, soil and water contaminations
  • Clandestine grow operations
  • Mould losses and remediation
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